Dragon Master Po has faced many challenges, but his greatest is trying to teach a group of unruly panda kids everything he knows. Although initially hesitant to be their teacher, the ever-positive Po eventually grows into his role and finds uniquely Po-like ways to teach lessons about living in the present, believing in yourself, and learning who you are.

Nu Hai

Nu Hai is the strong-willed leader of the group. She may be a bit bossy, but only because she’s trying to keep the rest of the pandas focused on their mission to save the world. Just like Po, she is all heart and grit when she’s determined.


Nu Hai's twin brother is a trouble maker who’s rough around the edges. He can be a bit arrogant and entitled but has a good heart. Unlike his sister, Bao has coasted through life on his charm and charisma. He likes to mess with his friends - particularly Fan Tong. Bao does occasionally have moments where he realizes he and Nu Hai need each other, and though Bao likes razzing his friends, he always has their back.


Jing has the heart of a soldier and is always on alert, ready for any situation. She's lovably odd and most likely to say something completely out of left field, and sometimes her offbeat way of looking at the world can even come in handy.  Although she has a hard exterior, and a one-woman-army mentality, she learns to rely on others and trust her friends.

Fan Tong

Fan Tong is the most earnest, kind-hearted kid in the group. He is the moral compass of the team. He's a big softie, which can sometimes be his downfall.  Fan Tong is scared of most things; however, through his training with Po, he learns to confront his fears and find his bravery. He often doesn't know his own power, and once he can meld that with his own inner strength, he will be a mighty warrior.