A Gran Day Out

When Gran moves into the cave with The Croods, she drives Grug nuts and embarrasses Eep in front of the first-ever group of cool kids.

School of Hard Rocks

When teamed up with her new friend Lerk, Eep’s competitive side takes over when she sets out to win the first-ever school hunting exam at any cost.

This Means Warts

When snobby neighbors move in next door and complain about a bone pile blocking their backyard view, The Croods launch into the first-ever prank war.

The First Picture Show

When Thunk invents the first-ever movie using shadow puppets, everyone in Ahhh! Valley loves it...until they are shocked by the ending.

Caved and Confused

When Grug and Ugga leave the kids alone on date night, Eep throws the first-ever house party that rages out of control and almost destroys the cave.

The Eepover / Thunkytown

When Eep has the first-ever sleepover, scary noises and shadows send the girls screaming out of the cave; Thunk saves the day when Bear Owls invade.

Mom Genes

When Grug takes Ugga hunting to find her inner growl again, she’s as fierce as ever until coming face-to-face with a mom and baby too cute to catch.

Garden of Eaten

When Eep becomes a veg-a-eat-ian, the family hunts for the biggest vegetables they can find - until the plants attack and they’re back to eating meat.

Night of the Living Croods / A Spoonful of Soo-gar

When The Croods experience the first-ever sugar-rush, they’re hooked on the delicious new food; Grug is labeled a zombie after taking the first nap.

Friday Night Liyotes

When Grug won’t let her join his winning team, Eep forms her own underdog team in the first-ever sports competition – Ahhh! Valley’s annual Egg Toss.

The Crood Who Knew Too Much / Scent of a Thunk

When Thunk is so stinky he kills animals with his stench, he pretends to be a great hunter; A spider ant bite gives Grug the biggest brain in town.

Unsolved MysterEep

When Gran’s cane and Sandy’s bear go missing in the middle of the night, Eep chases down every clue to the first-ever mystery to find the thief.


Eep is an adventurous teenager whose curiosity sometimes gets her into a bit of trouble. She wants to fit in with the cool kids, but she always remembers to put her family first.


Thunk is pretty clumsy - he can’t hunt like the rest of his family, but he’s a dreamer at heart. His creativity makes him different from everyone else, although he doesn’t realize it!


Grug is a strong dad and confident hunter who loves his family and would do anything to protect them, even when they don’t need protecting! He doesn’t like it when things change, but he never gives up.


Ugga is a stay-at-cave mom who balances out Grug’s strength with her smarts. She looks for peaceful ways to solve problems but if you threaten her family, watch out! She can be fierce.


Sandy is the baby of the family, and she’s as wild as she is cute. She doesn’t talk yet, but the family can already tell she’s going to be a dangerous hunter when she grows up.


Gran is Ugga’s mother and the oldest person in Ahhh! Valley. Her hobbies include making fun of Grug and... that’s pretty much it.


Lerk has decided that she’s Eep’s new best friend - whether Eep likes it or not!

The Boors

Snoot and Meep Boor think they’re better than The Croods, and they’re always trying to think of a sneaky way to gain the upper hand over their neighbors! Meanwhile Sulk and Bulk, their kids, run with the “in-crowd” in school.


Munk is Grug’s best friend and works in the same hunting-pack. He lost his family, but maybe one day he’ll figure out how to remember where he left them.